Interview and One More Giveaway on Plush You!

So today is finally the release date of Knitting Mochimochi! I’ve been anticipating it for so long that it doesn’t seem quite real to me. It’s been so great to hear from many of you who have been receiving your copies in the mail (thank you for pre-ordering!), and I’ve also heard from a few people who have gone into brick-and-mortar bookstores and have found my book there too—somehow, I find that hard to believe! I’ll have to venture out to my local bookstore soon too to see if I can find it on the shelf.

If you are thinking about getting the book but haven’t yet, you may have noticed that signed copies are also now available right here in the Mochimochi Shop! These books only ship to US addresses (sorry!), but if you live outside the US and MUST have a signed copy, send me an email (to info[at]mochimochiland[dot]come) and we can arrange it.

And you also have one more chance to win a copy of the book! Kristen of Schmancy (the awesome vinyl and plush toy store in Seattle) has just posted a little interview with me on the Plush You! blog. She included this dorky picture she took of me last month when she was in town.


Kristen has played a big role in my design work in the past few years—she has been a wonderful mentor, connection-maker, and motivator! So it means a lot to me that she is celebrating the release on her blog.

To enter the latest (and, as far as I know, the last) Knitting Mochimochi giveaway, leave a comment on Kristen’s post over at Plush You! with a suggestion of the next Tiny Thing that I should knit. (I can never get enough suggestions, so I will be reading them avidly!) You have until July 13th to enter!

A big thank-you to Kristen, and also to my publisher Watson-Guptill for being so generous with the giveaway copies!

11 thoughts on “Interview and One More Giveaway on Plush You!

  1. That is a nice picture! I love your dress and that sweater is the coolest color. Congratulations on your new book Anna! You totally deserve it- your creations are wonderful! (:

  2. Congratulations Anna for this great book! I have to buy it but I’m in France and I think it’s gonna be complicated but anyway, I’ll find a wsay to have it!
    Congratulations again, you did a great job (and you still do).

  3. Yay! Congratulations, Anna! Just looking at the pictures online (my copy won’t arrive for a couple of weeks) I think my favourite design is Shyscrapers, closely followed by Neck Nuzzler.

  4. Congratulations, Anna. You really deserve this.

    Boo, I’m in England and have to wait until August :(

  5. Whooo hooo! Congratulations.

    Amazon has promised that my copy will arrive today!!

    I plan to first make the wigs from pigs with wigs for my weiner dogs to wear :). Ha!

  6. The book is awesome! I love the patterns, and it had a squirrel design in it! I was looking for one – now I can make an army of squirrels! Mwuahaha!
    Anyway, the book is every bit as awesome as I thought it was going to be! I will totally make sure to type up a review for it – it’s so cool! Nice job! :D

  7. I LOVE your book! I can’t wait to start knitting. The pictures are great. =D I’m going to make the moose first!

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