7 thoughts on “Grouchy Couch has a Snack

  1. Just got my copy!……..awesome book!……..cannot decide which one to do first!!

  2. That is SO COOL!!! How did she do that? That’s so awesome! <333

  3. While couches eat remotes, I feel like the grumpy couch should be eating change. The amount of change I find when I pick up the couch cushions is nothing short of remarkable.

  4. Cool animation. Just got my book yesterday. Absolutely loving it. Not only are the projects each cuter than the last, but the writing is funny and entertaining. I hope you’ll consider writing another one. Guaranteed customer here.

  5. Lol, everyone’s talking about their awesome new books-

    I’m so envious!! Someday, I will have your book in my possession!

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