Knitting Mochimochi Preview: Naughty and Nicey

Somehow suddenly the release of Knitting Mochimochi is TOMORROW—I can hardly believe it! Time for one last preview!


Naughty and Nicey are part of the “Impractical Wearables” section of patterns in the book. I wanted to include some patterns that had a new twist, and wearable toys seemed like just the thing. As the “impractical” indicates, these aren’t your usual animal-shaped scarves and hats, but something much sillier, like an angel and devil that you can strap onto your shoulders. Perfect for a costume party!

This was a particularly challenging project to shoot, both because Brandi and I would have to incorporate a model in the image, and also because we really wanted to convey “temptation” in the photo. We thought about shooting a model from the back, with her front facing a big wall of tempting yarn. That concept didn’t work visually, though, so we looked into bakeries in the Tulsa area for a shoot with a counter full of cakes.

In the end, our primary concern was showing the angel and devil as clearly as possible, so Brandi shot it without a background. The end result was a clean, simple shot, but getting it wasn’t so simple! Once we found Ching, our model with the right kind of narrow shoulders (so that Naughty and Nicey weren’t spread too far apart in the image), we had to find just the right shirt for her to wear (we actually ended up turning a the top around backwards because the neckline looked better that way), and just the right cupcake for her to be tempted by (from Sweet Cakes in Tulsa). We actually had a selection of cupcakes, and we had to switch them out during the shoot—it was taking so long to get the lighting and angle just right that the icing on them was melting in Ching’s hands!

Ching was a trooper throughout the shoot, doing her best to express a dilemma without being over-dramatic. We weren’t sure if her whole face would end up in the cropped photo in the book, but it did, and I think it turned out great.

The pattern for Naughty and Nicey comes with instructions for three sizes of straps, but it’s easy to make them to fit any size. And of course, Naughty and Nicey don’t have to be worn—they can also watch over you from somewhere else (a kitchen shelf, perhaps)!



12 thoughts on “Knitting Mochimochi Preview: Naughty and Nicey

  1. OMG! I love them, i will wear them for all occasions… and maybe to work sometimes for pure fun…. Oh and i could knit 2 of each so i can wear a nicey on each shoulder on good days and a naughty on each for bad days!
    The possibilities are truely endless!

  2. I’ll be going down to B&N tomorrow afternoon to pick up my copy and I can hardly wait!! I’ve been waiting for months!! I can’t imagine what your anticipation level must be like!! Can you even sleep or eat??? I hope tomorrow is one of the best days of your life!! You’re just brilliant!!! I know my 16 year old son will want several things out of the book!! I think I’m going to have to put up a special shelf just for my Mochimochi FO’s!!! Thanks for all you do!!

  3. I wish I had a penny for each of these exclamation points! Thank you for sharing your enthusiasm!

  4. Wow! Those are adorable! I think I need a devil to watch over my Dads car and an angel to watch over my moms car. (Yes they reflect their driving skills LOL)

  5. I love this, though I still think that the pigs with wigs is the best. I know a friend who loves Miss Piggy and needs one with a selection of wigs!

  6. Iam so stoked about your book and I love the photo shoot I often feel there is a little angel on my one shoulder and a devil on the other when it comes to Mcdonald’s french fries;) Congratulations Hugs Darcy

  7. I just received my copy, messengered (!?) from Amazon, and it’s fabulous! It’s currently being passed around my office, and everyone’s ooh-ing and ahh-ing. Beautiful work! I can’t wait to get started knitting those slippers, especially!

  8. This and the slippers will be the very first things I make. I’m in love!!!

  9. Ohhhh…it’s so bittersweet when you post previews of Knitting Mochimochi! Sweet because it gets me SO very excited for my copy to arrive…bitter because it’s not in my hands right now!

    I was thrilled when I received my amazon shipping notification today :). When I pre-orderd months ago it seemed like the date was so very far away.

    Thanks for the smiles.

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