Tiny Bee

Update: It seems that Amy was the first to leave a comment suggesting that I knit a tiny bee. Thanks, Amy!


Here’s a tip: don’t call him “Honey”—bees hate that!

I tried figuring out who might have suggested that I make a Tiny Bee, but I’m having trouble finding anyone! If you think you suggested it, let me know!

25 thoughts on “Tiny Bee

  1. absolutely adorable :) I’ve been wanting to make tiny bees for ages & he is really inspirational as well :D

  2. I don’t think it was me, but I’m so glad you did! My 2 year old LOVES bees – I’m going to have to make him some :)

  3. Yay! Totally cute :) Thanks to tropicalgirlknits for finding the original comment too!

  4. Ohh, insects are a cute genre for knitting. I would suggest a mini preying mantis…maybe with a prayer shawl or hat…not sure…

  5. No problem! (: That is one bee I wouldn’t mind having buzz around my house!

  6. I love the tiny bee! All he needs now is a tiny flower to pollinate and then he can make some honey (even if he doesn’t want to be called that).

  7. He is so adorable!!!! You should make a tiny tooth! Make up a whole set to take to the dentists and then you’ll be the favorite patient!

  8. This is adorable can we buy this pattern or something I have been looking for a knitted bee for a long time!

  9. I love this bee. I would love a pattern for it. I loove tiny knitted toys and even more I love bees.

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