Channel SOUPY

Like many cats, Soupy is a cardboard box fan. We also like to think of him as the owner of a media empire, so we started cutting holes into boxes to make it look like he’s on TV.


In his nightly show, he likes to espouse his latest cat conspiracy theories, most of which point to the toilet as the root of all evil. (The toilet is Soupy’s other obsession in addition to boxes.)

13 thoughts on “Channel SOUPY

  1. “In other news, the community is reeling from a major loss. Madam Fuzzenpuss of Whiskington has been found dead at age 14. Our thoughts and prayers go out to her family. This has been channel Soupy news. Good night.”

  2. As much as I am thrilled by kitties on tv, I am even MORE thrilled by The Big Lebowski something-or-other (is that an action figure?) in the background.

  3. Haha, so cute!
    Our cat Marmalade loves cardboard boxes as well, she doesn’t care how small the box. On numerous occasions she has tried to sit in our pictionary box cover and has broken it twice. :P :)

  4. “And next on our news tonight, Anna has managed to create the first cardboard TV. More on this after this break.” :P

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