Release Party Wrap-up

The Knitting Mochimochi release party on Sunday at Brooklyn General was so much fun! I didn’t know what to expect, since many people are out of town on July weekends, but I was pleasantly surprised by the steady stream of friends and new faces.

I got a little practice signing books, which is still kind of strange to me. It feels like a mixture of vandalism and middle-school yearbook signing. (“Stay sweet!”)


The best part was seeing people’s in-person reactions to the toys in the book. They were mostly of the “cuuute” variety (with one or two “huh?”s thrown in for good measure), and Grouchy Couch and the Feet Eaters seemed to get the most attention.


Thank you to Brooklyn General for hosting, and to everyone who turned out!

If you missed the party, next I will be at the Lion Brand Yarn Studio on July 27th (Tuesday) at 6 pm for a book signing. I can’t wait!

8 thoughts on “Release Party Wrap-up

  1. I’m glad the party was such a success! :)

    I showed the book to my little cousins and each of them requested a toy (or 10 toys) out of it. :) I’m going to make the youngest one some Feet Eaters for Christmas, too, so I’m already using the book a ton!

  2. It’s good to see some of the toys together – it gives a better idea of finished size. I’m still waiting on my copy to arrive but mentally planning things while I wait.

    And Happy Birthday to you as well ^_^

  3. So wish I could have been there – a little difficult as I live in the UK!! Just love your little creatures, I still have Godfrey and Hrumph in my yarn store window, the passing children love them. Have your new book on order from A……n, wish it would come soon. xx

  4. I absolutely love your book! I’ve already made the bed bug, a bird, and the pocket protector. I’m working on the moose now :D

  5. Ooo, that party looks like so much fun! I must convince Vinh that we need to pack up and move farther up north…pronto!

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