Interview on Knit Spirit

Thank you to Gaëlle for interviewing me on Knit Spirit! Knit Sprit is a popular French knitting blog, and it definitely makes me wish I had paid more attention in my high school French class so that I could read all the interviews, recipes, and more. Gaëlle was nice enough to post the interview with me in both French and English, so that post at least doesn’t require Google Translator.


(I’m pretty sure the word “crazy” in the title of the post refers to my toys, and not me. Mostly sure.)

In the interview, she asked me about my best and worst memories from writing Knitting Mochimochi, which really made me think back on the whole process from some of 2008 and half of last year. (I have way more good memories than bad!)

One thought on “Interview on Knit Spirit

  1. I don’t know who are the craziest you or your toys! (I’m just kidding ^^)
    Thanks again for this interview. My French readers loved it! They are crazy about your work!

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