Tiny Penguin

Your supportive comments on my recent post about the Tiny series (along with my own hard-to-kick Tiny addiction) have convinced me to keep going with it!

I think many of us could use some cool imagery these days, so how about a Tiny Penguin?


He’s still waiting to have a documentary made about him. Because every penguin should have 15 minutes of documentary fame.

Olivia was the first person to leave a comment suggesting that I knit a Tiny Penguin way back in July of last year, so she gets a free pattern! I was also inspired by the comment left by Fiera Firenze on the Plush You blog (where you can still leave a comment to win a copy of Knitting Mochimochi)—she suggested that I put a tiny penguin on a tiny iceberg. How about a Tiny Glacier instead?


23 thoughts on “Tiny Penguin

  1. OMG OMG OMG a tiny penguin!! Please, please tell me this will be released as a pattern? I love him so!

  2. I agree! Pattern please! I especially like the wee iceberg! Can you make a polar bear to go with this set?
    You always create such CHEERFUL things! Thank you. :)

  3. I really hope that penguin is released as a part of a pattern-pack someday. I really really really love that tiny penguin.

  4. Adorable! I love penguins! maybe you could make a puffin, too and it would make an adorable arctic set!

  5. I also will repeat the “pattern please” call. Personally I would love to see all of your mini creations in a book. Although the adorableness of so many tiny things in one place would be overwhelming.

  6. I love the tiny things! All of them! The world needs them all in a book!

  7. I am in love with all things “Mochimochi”. The penguin on the glacier is adorable and I see endless possibilities from there – a mini Noah’s Arc, two squirrels in a row boat, how about a ladybug tree?
    If there is ever a book giveaway or free pats from this book please let me know as I am disabled and completely unable to afford the luxury of buying books.

  8. So very cute!
    I’m so excited because I got your book in the mail today!
    Your ideas are amazing!

    Maybe… a polar bear could go with the ice burgs too! :D

  9. How adorable … a tiny penguin! I can just see a whole bunch of tiny penguins waddling around :) Yesterday I bought the smallest kite I have ever seen and I got to thinking … tiny kite? Seriously though, this kite is all of 6 inches. And it’s functional, which makes it the coolest thing I have ever bought for a dollar.

  10. i love the penguin! very adorable. i would love to see a horror series! maybe a zombie…frankenstein & bride?

  11. Just genius with that little glacier! And I just had a typo that made me think of you – “re-fig-erator” – wouldn’t that be great for one of your little factories?

  12. I love him! So cute! I’m really glad you decided to continue the series. I don’t know if your still looking for “Tiny” suggestions. However, I thought of a cute one for summer. A swimming float! Either a donut shaped one or one of the long ones with a pillow. Just a thought! :D

  13. This lovely tiny creatures, they are adorable. Maybe a seagull could join the tiny penguin. Have a nice day! In Stockholm, Sweden we have lot of sunshine and degrees, hot and nice!

  14. Oh my gosh, so cute! I am constantly amazed by what you come up with… thank you for the smiles!

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