Knitting Mochimochi Reviewed in Knitty

I was thrilled to just discover a review of Knitting Mochimochi in the current issue of Knitty!


In the review, Amy Singer says the book made her “squeal out loud.” Just the reaction I love!

Knitty has a very special place in my heart—Amy contacted me personally in 2007 when I was just starting out as a designer, then she published one of my very first patterns in the Fall issue of that year! Having a pattern published in Knitty gave me some much-needed confidence in my design work and also brought a ton of new readers to my blog. It was such a great experience, and I’m sure I’ll be submitting another design before long.

By the way, I’m loving a lot of the patterns in the new “First Fall” issue, especially Lanesplitter and Mad for Plaid!

3 thoughts on “Knitting Mochimochi Reviewed in Knitty

  1. I finally bought your book yesterday. My husband liked everything but the smokestacks, but won’t tell me what I should make for him!

    For that, he might just get a smokestack after all.

  2. Huzzah! Your book will be sold out now, Knitty is the New York times of the knitting world!

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