Mean Green Feet Eaters

OK, they’re definitely not mean, but I can’t resist a rhyme!

I love these Feet Eaters made by Miki, another fantastic tester who helped me with the patterns for Knitting Mochmochi, along with many other patterns.


Miki kindly wrote up a review of my book on her blog This Girl, which is otherwise full of her neat photography. Thanks, Miki!

5 thoughts on “Mean Green Feet Eaters

  1. Yay! These feet eater are extra special because I hand-dyed the yarn that special green-blue color (which is my favorite!). Toys are the best thing to knit in the summer and I think that I’ve now broken my knitting dry spell :)

  2. YAY!!!! i love the dog looking up from the backround :) i can’t wait to knit up a pair of my own!!

  3. These are a favourite of mine too – I just love your book Anna – it arrived Downunder today (we preordered it in January!!!) Congratulations on writing such a stunning knitting book!!

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