A Year of Tinys

As I mentioned the other day in the post about my Tiny Sun, it has been a whole year since I began the “Tiny” series here on the Mochimochi Blog!

For those of you who weren’t with me a year ago, in July 2009 I was looking for a fun challenge for the month, and I decided to try knitting a new tiny toy every weekday and posting it here on my blog. I hesitantly started with a Tiny Brain, but then it was easy to continue with all the helpful suggestions that people gave me in the comments. When the month of July was over, I was still getting lots of super ideas, so I thought I’d continue the series with a new tiny knitted toy each week. I’ve surprised myself by keeping it up ever since then, without (as far as I can recall, at least) a single week missed!

I thought it would be fun to put together a visual with all of the Tinys that I’ve made over the past year. It’s a total of 70 teeny-tiny Mochimochis! Here they are in alphabetical order.


I’ve thought about stopping the series now that it’s been a year, but I would be a little sad to do so. There are just so many Tiny possibilities left in this world! I could also start on some other type of series, but nothing that I’ve come up with so far (like knitting giant things, for example) has quite gotten me excited enough. But if you’ve had your fill of tiny knitting and you have an idea for something totally different, I would love to hear it!

I’ve also been happy to get lots of inquiries about patterns for these tiny toys. I do plan to release another set of Tiny patterns sometime soon, so please keep an eye out for it! (I’m pretty certain that the Tiny Gnome and Tiny Frog will be two of the four patterns, but I’m still undecided about the other two…)

46 thoughts on “A Year of Tinys

  1. Each of these was super cute the week it was featured, but it is like a cute-gasm seeing them all arrayed like this. If you sell the gnome pattern, I’m going to need to buy it right away. One of my friends is always being visited by gnomes!

  2. Tiny Christmas tree pattern, please! I’d live to knit up a dozen of those to give out as ornaments this year.

  3. DON”T STOP!!!!

    I look forward to the tinys. How about a turtle, tools in a tool belt or a pumpkin.

  4. Please don’t stop knitting tiny things. I LOVE seeing what you come up with every week.

  5. I would hate for you to stop…they are so fun!! I still LOVE the gnome the best….next you could do a cupcake or slice of cake for the one year anniversary of itty bitty’s!

  6. Nooooooooo!
    Don’t stop the tiny series, it’s not meant to die yet!!! I have several reasons not to :

    #1 If you were to stop the tiny series, you’d have to do a big finally, like knit a one-of-a-kind town for all the tiny things to live in.

    #2 You’d need to have at least 100 of them, you can’t stop at 70, it’s just not right!!!!!

    #3 I strongly believe knitting tiny things is good for your health (Just ask tiny baby doing push-ups)

    #4 The tiny things bring joy to people all around the world, if you were to stop prematurely, think of the sorrows they would face!

    #5 It’s very beneficial for your brain (no matter what size it is) and it keeps the creative juices flowing!

  7. I have only recently discovered your tiny knits, and think they are fantastic! I especially like the armadillo – please consider including him in a pattern collection sometime soon? Thank you in advance if you do :-)

  8. I love every one of these tiny works of art but I’ve been thinking that it might be fun to see – for example – a tiny kitchen of tiny pieces. I think YOU’RE take on it could be pretty fantastic!

  9. I think you should sell not only the patterns for your adorable toys, but also the finished toys. I have a shop on Etsy, and I think you should have one, too. I know your toys would be really popular!!!

  10. I wuv the ghostie, ice cream, bunny and vampire. Could you maybe include them in the next tiny series (if there will be a next one)??

    The tiger’s cute too.

  11. I think that you should include the little chicken in the next tiny thing pattern.

    Is the pattern for the toilet paper available somewhere?

  12. I think you should sell the patterns in different themes for example a tiny space selection with tiny earth, tiny sun, tiny alien and then do a tiny moon….
    or tiny Auatics selection with tiny fish tiny frog tiny whale and tiny boat…

    I love the tiny things and think you should carry on untill we have tiny everything :)

  13. I ADORE the tiny things you’ve created!!! It is such fun to check in each Friday to see the latest marvel! I am hoping the tiny house will be in the next release (and absolutely giddy at the thought the little gnome will be)! I am sure that we would all be more than happy to continue to supply you with ideas for more Tiny Things…I was just imagining it could be your next book???

  14. I love the tiny things too. I’m trying to think of anyone who doesn’t! LOL.

    I know what would be fun to see; an “opposites” type of series. Though that’s not the word I’m looking for. What I mean is something like you’d have a tiny object that “in real life” is huge/big and a BIG object that “in real life” is actually tiny. Does that make sense? That would be a blast to see.

    Imagine. A normally “big” bullfrog who is now tiny being stalked but the normally tiny (and food for the frog) but now “huge” fly. Or a tiny spider caught in a huge fly’s web for a change.

    Yes, I’m warped but it’d still be funny to see. LOL.

  15. I have absolutly loved the tiny things series and can’t wait for another pattern to come out. please don’t end the series!!!!!! you could make a tiny germ next!!!!!


    With a tiny pig, a tiny sheep and a tiny horse you could have a tiny barnyard. Especially if you do a tiny irate farmer.

  17. NOOOO!!! Don’t stop the tiny series! They’re too cute to be stopped!
    Hehehehe… I would love to see a Tiny Knitted Animals collection. My friend absolutely loves animals, and it would be a pleasure to make some for her! By eyballing the frog, I have created a way to knit it flat!!

  18. Please please please don’t stop! There’s nothing better than opening up your blog and seeing the next tiny thing, it fills us all with joy and gives us a sense of cuteness (:

    My favorites have got to be the tiny vacuum, tiny armadillo, tiny mailbox, and tiny tissues <3

  19. oh, tiny asparagus please! My husband has this ongoing joke of giving me veggie inspired jewelry with veggies on it (my asparagus necklace and matching earrings was this year). I love to give him knitted toys-a tiny asparagus would just be hilarious!

  20. love love love your tiny series! Do not give it up! How about you knit tiny replicas of your not so tiny patterns???
    Oh and add tiny ice cream and tiny ghost to your next series! They are so cute!

  21. My favorites are :
    Tiny Tank
    Tiny Computer
    Tiny Chicken
    Tiny Forest
    Tiny Bride and Groom
    Tiny Trash Can
    Tiny Bee

  22. Took my Father’s Day armadillo to work the other day. I was very lucky to get it back! It is very small and cute and appeals to older men. Also, it fits into any watch pocket, so I had to be very vigilant. Thanks again for the great present!

  23. love love love luuuuurve the tiny stuff. I’m kinda amazed there’s not tiny bacon yet. ooh, or a tiny spaceship!

  24. I LOVE the tiny things collection!! They’re so much fun :) I am really excited that you’re going to do a new collection (yay!!). Maybe you could include the tiny bee with the new collection? And I second the vote for the tiny umbrella … it’s too adorable. But I say keep tiny things going (unless it makes your hands hurt to use such tiny needles. It does mine, but maybe that’s because I am a newbie at tiny needles).

  25. So dedicated! I love it! I wish I could see a picture of all (or most) the tinies in a bowl!

  26. These are adorable! I can’t wait for your to release a pattern book on the “Tinys”! I love your work!

  27. Keep going with them. As long as you still have ideas and still enjoy making the tinys then keep making them.

  28. Aw, thank you all for the Tiny love! In truth, I’m really not tired of designing them, but I just didn’t know if readers of my blog were getting a little weary of the idea or not. But your encouragement has made me want to continue the series for sure, and although I’ve been a little slow with releasing patterns, I’m happy to see that the interest is there, and so I will be working on some new collections. Thanks everyone!

  29. I lvoe the tinys they are fantastic… I was thinking with some fantastic sporting events going… a tiny soccer ball (world cup) or goalie or soccer net…

    or bike …Tour de france(this would be very difficult maybe just the yellow jersey then!

  30. Don’t stop the tiny things! They are so great. I’d love to see a tiny guinea pig, tea pot, or seal.

  31. what about a tiny “tiny tim” tiptoeing through tiny tulips? sorry if this has been suggested already. when i was little i thought tiny tim was dreamy, along with donovan. and tina turner.

  32. How about you just make another book to put ALL the tiny patterns in? Because I can’t chose which one I want out of all the awesome designs.

    Ps. When you back in UK? I wanna do some cross stitch patterns!

  33. Keep on with the Tiny Things!!! The other day the street cleaner went down the street. I though it would make a very cute tiny thing or a tiny bulldozer. Also, along the lines of the world cup-an octopus! Like Paul, who picked the winners of the World cup.

  34. Oh hecksies yeah, there’s still interest in your tinies! I absolutely love checking in to see where your imagination has gone this time. Looking over the year in review, I’m surprised that there were some that somehow slipped past me. You should definitely keep patterns coming… Ohhh, the wishlist I could make! I’m starting my new career as a teacher this fall… maybe we need a school bus! Orrrr, narwals are fun… or a mermaid? A tiny lobster? *hums an old B-52’s tune* Thank you for sharing with us!

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