Tiny Sun


Yes, we know, everything revolves around him. But that doesn’t mean he has to act like it does!

I thought a Tiny Sun was appropriate today for a couple of reasons: first because we’re smack in the middle of a hot summer, and also because today marks almost exactly a year ago that I began the Tiny series, so it seemed fitting that this be the tiniest in scale thing yet! By my calculations, this guy is about 44 BILLION times tinier than the real sun.

The very first person to leave a comment suggesting that I knit a Tiny Sun (to go with the Tiny Earth I made) was Tango, almost a whole year ago! Free pattern for her!

Happy 4th of July, everyone!

15 thoughts on “Tiny Sun

  1. Lol, 44 billion times smaller huh? Now THAT is some tiny knitting!!

    I love the caption for him, “Just because everything revolves around him, doesn’t mean he has to ACT like it!” Too true (and funny)

  2. Has it already been a year?! Mr. Sun is great, even if he is a bit self-centered. How about a rainbow now, either with a pot o gold at the end, or a raincloud? I can’t wait to get your book.

  3. oh… this picture has to be sent to the cbs sunday morning show… they have all kinds of images of suns on it between the segments(usually right before a commercial break) … this really would be perfect!!!
    i love you, tiny sun!!

  4. love love love your self centred sun! Except for the part that he is self centred…

  5. Awwwh <3 Where's tiny Earth to revolve around him? Then he will be totally self-centered around the Earth hehe ;)

  6. Super cute :) Since we are in the summer months, I think a tiny watermelon would hit the spot, or maybe a tiny oscillating fan? By the way … I LOVE your book!! :)

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