Two Terrific Testers Talk Knitting Mochimochi

None of my patterns would be what they are without my amazing group of testers. That includes the new patterns in Knitting Mochimochi of course—not only did my testers do a great job of trying out the patterns and helping me edit them, but they also were able to keep it all under wraps for a whole year!

Two of my testers recently reviewed Knitting Mochimochi on their blogs, and they both also happened to post a photo of their version of Neck Nuzzler from the book. Fun!

Oiyi wrote a really thorough review on her blog Oiyi’s Crafts. Her Neck Nuzzler looks quite similar to mine (only better, let’s be honest).


She used the recommended yarn in the pattern to knit this guy, and he turned out great! I always looove seeing Oiyi’s photos of tests that she’s done for me. She’s such a meticulous knitter (of course!), and she’s also a fantastic photographer.

Along with the review, Oiyi is doing a giveaway of Knitting Mochimochi on her blog! You can enter to win a copy of the book by leaving a comment on her review post—deadline is July 9th.

Hannah at Bittersweet Blog is another top-notch tester. Like Oiyi, she’s a talented knitter and photographer. She also is way ahead of me as the author of several books about making vegan desserts that everyone can get excited about.

Hannah admits her biased opinion in her review of my book, but her kind words about it have me really touched nonetheless.

And check out her Neck Nuzzler on this elegant model!


Thank you so much to Oiyi and Hannah and to allll of my wonderful testers!

4 thoughts on “Two Terrific Testers Talk Knitting Mochimochi

  1. I’m lucky to have all the testers I need right now, but when I need a few more, I’ll announce that in a post right here on my blog.

  2. Cool :) I was just curious. Of course, I am definitely interested, I love your toys. I must say, I think that Gargle the giraffe is my favorite, but mostly because you don’t have a fox yet (foxes are my favorite, and giraffes are my nephew’s favorite.

  3. Aww, that neck nuzzler on Hannah’s dog is so cute! What a graceful and patient model! :)

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