Tiny Taco


He could really go for some Chinese food right now.

Sursi was the first to leave a comment suggesting that I knit a tiny taco last year in July, so she gets a free pattern!

21 thoughts on “Tiny Taco

  1. My tagline, “Instead of picante sauce, he asks for pequeño sauce,” was rejected.

  2. The taco is deliciously adorable!
    How about a tiny fig? Figs are my favorite food:)

  3. LOVE the “Tiny” series… Thanks for posting the collage of all the pictures. I found out that when I clicked on the collage it linked to all the posts in the Tiny collection… and I found myself going through them all! Each one cuter than the last!! :)

    I’d love to see a toaster with toast slices, or a seahorse, or a frog with crown/frog prince, or a pig with wings/’when pigs fly’ (I collect the latter two – so if it’s possible to get the pattern if you make one, I’d be v. v. grateful!), or a tiny steak dinner (plate, steak, peas, mashed potaoes) or a tiny TV dinner or… oh, the possibilities are endless!!

    Thanks for the adorableness you put into the world!!


  4. How about a tiny germ series? Like a wee flu virus and a tummy bug? Absolutely love your stuff, my book just arrived in the mail xx

  5. Soooo tiny! how about tiny doves?
    tiny iron(the ones you press clothes with)
    tiny fly
    tiny backpack
    tiny calculator
    tiny vase with flowers
    tiny avocado
    tiny house
    tiny saturn
    tiny poseidon-complete with a tiny trident!

  6. ! okay i missed this but some how didn’t (i just left a comment saying you should knit a taco! but thought you might have already..) please release this one as part of a pattern collection!!

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