Guess the Next Tiny Collection

Update: tess b won the little contest by guessing the four patterns correctly! (Check out the comments to see what they are.)

The next Tiny Things collection will be coming to the Mochimochi Shop very soon! Before the big announcement, I thought it would be fun to do a little guessing game about which four Tiny Things will be included in the pattern collection. I’ve listed some hints below, and the first person to guess all four Tinys correctly in the comments will get the pattern collection for free when it’s available!


Some hints:

The first Tiny lives underground and kisses by rubbing noses together.

The second Tiny has been known to sometimes rain down from the sky when the weather is very strange.

The third Tiny has a history that dates back to Roman times, and it has a connection to Mardis Gras.

The fourth Tiny has had one famous resident, and it is also found on most computers.

What do you think they are? Try to guess all four in the comments!

16 thoughts on “Guess the Next Tiny Collection

  1. I’m happy to see that I didn’t make it too easy! (Although these are all good guesses.) Keep the guesses coming!

  2. Oh, tess b got it right! Nice Job!

    The 4 Tiny patterns will be:

    Trash Can

    Thank you everyone for guessing!

  3. eskimo, tornado, 3?; 4, microphone? I can’t believe how hard this is. I thought it would be a peice of cake ( hey that’s a good tiny, right?) Ohhhh, darn!

  4. Oh, those sound wonderful! I am especially looking forward to the Gnome, as a house can never have enough of them! :)

  5. Ugh I didn’t get to say mine and I would have had it right bummer but congratulations Tess:)
    So when will they be available ? and where? Hugs Darcy
    I have wanted the gnome pattern for as long as you have had the picture as your avatar on ravelry.Hugs Darcy
    Rav Id knottyknitter40

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