Ghostbusters Car

This car is frequently parked on my street and gets lots of attention from passersby.


As the Xed out rodents symbol indicates, it’s owned by someone with a business trapping animals. I have to assume this is a pretty effective marketing campaign, if only for the surrounding neighborhood.

Every time my mother-in-law Bonney visits us, she insists that this car should make an appearance on my blog. Since it’s her birthday today, she gets her wish!

8 thoughts on “Ghostbusters Car

  1. What a very nice birthday surprise!! Now, let’s all try NOT to hum the Ghostbusters song all afternoon!

  2. I know that car well! My partner lived on that street a couple of years ago, and we both loved seeing the car on our walks home from the subway (being the huge geeks and ghostbusters fans that we are). This totally made my day!

  3. lipstickcanary, that’s so funny that you know this car! I guess it’s a small world an there’s no way to miss it if you walk by.

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