25 thoughts on “Vinyl Hokusai Bunnies

  1. Since it’s the middle of August- how about a watermelon themed week? Oh oh oh or a Florida themed week! Something summery-themed would be nice since my summer is almost over :(

    (please not marching band week- I’ve had enough of marching band camp lol)

  2. Turtle Week!!! It’d match, too. You know, like the Tortoise and the Hare??? Except it’d be the Turtles and the Bunnies. {3

  3. I like turtles and giraffes!

    How about odd/weird animals week…like a platypus or an angler fish, maybe a sloth :)?

    Fruit week? Robot week?

    I like the idea of Ice Cream week too – or perhaps yummy treats week!?

  4. Yeah, shark week! Or how about mythical creatures week? With dragons and yetis and sasquatches, and the loch ness monster! :D

  5. Thank you for all the great ideas, everyone! This gives me a lot to think about. Hopefully we’ll have a theme week soon!

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