Tiny Octopus


He’s a sucker for leggy ladies!

Elizabeth was the first to leave a comment suggesting that I knit a tiny octopus about a year ago, so she gets a free pattern!

27 thoughts on “Tiny Octopus

  1. My daughter LOVES octopuses! She’d love me to knit her a small one! And in Honor of my kid how about a tiny Bat? She still drags around that bat from the photo contest all the time. I’d love little ones for her to use as babies!

  2. Since we’re on the subject of sea creatures, I think a li’l knitted Sea Turtle would be absolutely fantabulous!!! Sea Turtles eat octopi occasionally, though, so I’m not sure how they’d get along… X}

  3. This may be my favorite tiny thing so far, and I have been following tiny things since the beginning! I love him, great job!

  4. Wow! This is so cute!!! I love how he is just splayed out- adorable <3

    For some reason this reminds me of some game- Mario Sunshine I think? There was like a giant octopus I remember (I was like 5).

  5. Aww!

    What about a little dancer? (a hula dancer, for instance) Or a tiny Indian!!!

  6. I loove this, sea creatures are some f my favourites to knit. Sounds impossible, but a tiny Shih-tzu or a tiny cake would be so cute!

  7. That is adorable :-) I’ve been reading your blog for ages but never commented before (I don’t think!) but the tiny octopus just had me squee’ing with delight this morning!

    On a similar marine theme, how about a mini polar bear or blue whale or humpback whale or killer whale? Or even a mini wolf? :-)

  8. Oh, he is Adorable!!! (wait! I’m an Elizabeth… am I the Elizabeth who suggested an octopus or was it some Other Impostor Elizabeth?) =)

  9. Thanks, Elizabeth! But sorry – it was indeed a different Elizabeth who suggested the tiny octopus.

  10. Super cute!

    I was watching Spanish educational programing on Sunday morning and they were talking about sea horses and cuttlefish, so now I’m hoping to see a tiny cuttlefish to go with the tiny octopus.

  11. Hi Anna,
    My daughter Anna had a couple ‘tiny ideas’ that she wanted me to suggest: a lil’ teeny basketball and net; and/or a tiny canoe and dock?

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