Japanese Kittycat Bank

My boss recently gave me this adooorable bank that she got on a trip to Japan!

12 thoughts on “Japanese Kittycat Bank

  1. Awww! When I was a little kid, I had a bank that was an apple with a worm in it, and when you put a coin on the little button, the worm came out and grabbed it, like the cat does in this bank.

    Mine didn’t come from Japan, though. (But it may have been made there.)

  2. I did not see anything similar when I was in Japan this summer, but I also had a similar one when I was a kid. I forget if it was the worm mentioned by the above commenter, or maybe a robot? I forget.

    So cute though, and I think it is meant to play on the maneki neko theme!

  3. I WANT IT!!!!!

    I just found a stray kitten last week and took him in….This reminds me of him, he’s so curious and always hides….

    Can there be something like this as a prize for the 2010 Mochimochiland photo contest?

  4. That’s just what I was thinking, knitted tea cups! John will be traveling to Japan next month, and he’s going to get a big wish list from me for photo contest prizes. I just wish I could go too this time!

  5. I’ll admit I wasn’t going to enter the contest this year, but now I’ll have to!! I’m off to plan mischief and create an army of knitted mochimochi’s to take over the world and maybe win a cute bank, lol.

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