Juxtapoz and Roger Ebert

This is just too wild—in the same week (last week), my work was featured on Juxtapoz and tweeted by Roger Ebert!


Helen Soteriou interviewed me for Juxtapoz, which (if you don’t know) is a popular online art magazine. It was so much fun to do an interview for an arts publication, so I was thrilled. Thank you Helen!

And then Roger Ebert (ebertchicago on Twitter) posted to a photo of one of my Tiny Things Conversion Factories! He asked for a caption to the photo, and his 200,000-plus followers were happy to oblige. (Many of them made references to to grandmothers and psychedelic drugs.)


I agree that it looks extra weird without any sort of title or caption, so I’m just happy that it caught Mr. Ebert’s interest. Thank you to my Twitter friends for alerting me to it!

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