Tiny Tooth


This mini molar wasn’t happy to be kicked out of the No Cavities Club, but they’re just a bunch of elitists anyway, right?

The same person who first suggested this week’s Tiny Thing also was the first to suggest last week’s, so I’ll send a free pattern to the second person who suggested a Tiny Tooth, which was Abbie!

21 thoughts on “Tiny Tooth

  1. You can suggest an idea in the comments!

    I’m thinking about changing the way I do pattern giveaways though – I still want to do some giveaways, but so many ideas were suggested all at once last year, and my inspiration doesn’t necessarily come from the first suggestion…

  2. Mini makeup would be cute- like lipstick or mascara (:

    Tiny Barbie in honor of Nicki Minaj! <333

  3. I think a tiny sloth would be a challenge, their faces are so full of expression. Love the tooth, I only found your blog after seeing some advertising for your book, and followed the link. Love all the tiny things.

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