Tiny Tooth


This mini molar wasn’t happy to be kicked out of the No Cavities Club, but they’re just a bunch of elitists anyway, right?

The same person who first suggested this week’s Tiny Thing also was the first to suggest last week’s, so I’ll send a free pattern to the second person who suggested a Tiny Tooth, which was Abbie!

21 thoughts on “Tiny Tooth

  1. You can suggest an idea in the comments!

    I’m thinking about changing the way I do pattern giveaways though – I still want to do some giveaways, but so many ideas were suggested all at once last year, and my inspiration doesn’t necessarily come from the first suggestion…

  2. I lvoe it… it looks like the cavity is a mini bowler hat… You almost need you with braces…

  3. Mini makeup would be cute- like lipstick or mascara (:

    Tiny Barbie in honor of Nicki Minaj! <333

  4. I think a tiny sloth would be a challenge, their faces are so full of expression. Love the tooth, I only found your blog after seeing some advertising for your book, and followed the link. Love all the tiny things.

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