My Right Pinkie is Starting to Go Numb

It’s time for another update about my progress for the Mochimochi show at gallery hanahou this October!

The messy foam mountain that I was carving up a couple of weeks ago has taken shape with a knitted covering and some shiny eyeballs! It just took a couple of days and many “fittings” to finish this guy up.


(I was pretty exhausted by the time I was sewing the lining of the mouth/tunnel in place.)

The things I’m making for this installation really range from jumbo size to teeny-tiny. I spent a day recently just knitting up a herd of small rats.


I admit that when I step back from the end of a day’s work, and I see that my accomplishment for the day was 20 miniature rats, or a section of sidewalk, or half of a hill, sometimes I question what I’m doing with my life right now. But I usually find myself quickly dismissing that question, and thinking to myself that I am so lucky to be able to immerse myself in this insane project for a few months, with not many obligations outside of making the knitted weirdness that finds its way into my head.

The tiny rats will, of course, eventually inhabit a knitted city, which is similar in design to the Shyscrapers in Knitting Mochimochi, except a bit bigger.


I kind of wish these guys could have a permanent place on my desk, always looking at me like they suspect I’m an idiot.

There is still sooo much more to knit in the next month or so, and I’m anxiously awaiting the next shipment of yarn from the awesome people at Cascade, who are generously providing the yarn for this project!

Aside from all the knitting I have left to do (including a rainbow, a desert, and a garbage dump), in the next week I also have to create a show image, write up a show description, and decide on a show title!

(And yes, my right pinkie finger is starting to intermittently go numb.)

22 thoughts on “My Right Pinkie is Starting to Go Numb

  1. Wow! I really admire all the creativity, effort and work you put into this. Congratulations- I cannot wait to see the finished project, it looks great so far!

  2. I’m sorry to hear about the pinkie!! Be sure to do stretching exercises and take knitting breaks.

    Oh I have a Tiny Knit suggestion, a sting ray. They are my youngest daughter’s newest love. She’s 6 and has a cup and 2 stuffed ones. :)

  3. Egad! Those orange shyscrapers are too cute! :D Mine sit atop my laptop, looking inquiringly at me with their big, black beady eyes. :)

  4. OMG I so wish I could come see this in situ, this is the most adorable thing ever! At the very least I can’t wait to see photos of it finished, well done!!

  5. Ditto the stretching. Especially the shoulders in multiple ways. I was having hand numbness frequently until I started stretching my shoulders several times a day.
    I love the city scape and the rats. I have the dust bunny pattern and think I need to start one for a Christmas gift.

  6. I love that you’re giving us updates. As cute as the pieces are, I can only imagine what it will look like as a complete work!

    Also, I thought you might like to know that Roger Ebert seems to be a fan of yours. Which is cool but I think you could do with a little recognition as the designer and knitter! :) – that’s the link but I know it looks fishy and I’d be wary of clicking on random links supplied in your comments so here’s his actual twitpic link which, I hope, looks less fishy!

  7. “I admit that when I step back from the end of a day’s work, and I see that my accomplishment for the day was 20 miniature rats, or a section of sidewalk, or half of a hill, sometimes I question what I’m doing with my life right now.”

    I feel the same way at the end of a workday, and all I feel like I have to show for it is the pile of grading, or the half-paragraph of a research manuscript I rewrote….

    But yeah, I guess wishing my life were knitting for a living might lead me to those same doubts, just in a different context.

  8. My left ring finger has started to go numb at the tip too. I’ve been working on a big project lately and I feel so frustrated when it happens. I need to learn a different knitting style, I think.

    Everything looks incredible so far, though. Completely inspiring.

  9. It’s going to be amazing!! The city buildings look fantastic, as do the tiny rats (cutest rats I’ve seen!) . And the mountain is amazing. Keep at it- you’re doing something amazing!

  10. at the risk of sounding pouty: i wish i had these problems! ;D
    you are a wonderment, Anna, amazing amazing work.

  11. I really would love to know where you got your desk, it’s fantastic!

    Also, I agree with the shoulder stretching for your pinky. The ulnar nerve (the one that goes down to your pinky and ring fingers) goes all the way up into your neck, so that is VERY important!

    Keep up the good work, I’m loving watching your progress!

    ~ J.P.

  12. WOW! I thought my cabled sweater top was a lot of work, you have absolutely out done me.

  13. Anna! You are an inspiration! I always wanted to try a large scale project but was always too scared to…Now I think I might actually attempt it someday.

    Love the mountain!

  14. I’m a new knitter who bought your knitting mochimochi book yesterday. I love it! Not sure how I’ll make anything since I’ve only done scarves :) You’re so talented and thank you for inspiring us to make fun things.

  15. I LOVE the tiny rats… i hope you put them in your tiny things collection and mabye even a pattern!!!

  16. Thank you, everyone, for these enthusiastic and supportive comments! After publishing this post, I actually had a VERY frustrating day with a smaller mountain – had to start over several times – so getting this great feedback really helped me get through it!

    I’ve also been trying to do more stretches to fight off the numbness- I think it’s working.

  17. It is super cool that you get to do things like that. Many of us never really get to explore our creativity, and you remind us every day that creativity doesn’t have to be just making a pattern, but making it new or different and fun.

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