Photographing Tiny

I’ve been happy to see photos of tiny gnomes, frogs, pancakes, and trash cans from the Tiny Things Collection 3 appearing in the
Mochimochi Friends Flickr group

Some of my faves are…

vapmore’s watering can-guarding garden gnome:


(a cute photo, and a fantastic pattern tester!)



and marianne’s stuff’s stacked pancakes!


Marianne also tested the pattern collection for me, as did Marti – thank you to all three of you testers!

As these knitters and photo-takers know, the two tricks to photographing tiny knits are focus and props. If you’re using a point-and-shoot camera, check to see if it has macro setting (the symbol for it commonly looks like a flower)—this will help you get your subject in focus when you’re shooting it up close.

As for props, this is something I could get more creative with myself! I like to use my hands as props a lot, because they’re always on hand (ha, ha), and they instantly show scale. But any common object, especially one that relates thematically (watering can for the gnome) or in design (stack of pennies with stack of pancakes), can make for a very cute and eye-catching photo.

Once you’ve finished your photo shoot, whether with one of these tiny guys or with another Mochimochi toy you’ve made, be sure to add your photos to the Mochimochi Friends Flickr group! You’ll have a chance to win fabulous prizes in the upcoming 2010 Mochimochi Photo Contest. (Official announcement coming soon!)

3 thoughts on “Photographing Tiny

  1. Those pancakes are awfully cute- staring at those pennys ;) maybe they wish they’ll get lucky and not get eaten!

  2. Hey Anna,
    My daughter came up with another tiny knit idea for you. A mini-mailbox! SOrry if this isn’t the place to suggest it.

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