New Glasses, Old Camera

I have new glasses! I wear glasses pretty much every day, and I buy new ones infrequently, so it’s a big deal. I think the style of the dark blue frames is somewhere between librarian and superheroine.


Since my camera is also in the picture, I thought I’d mention that I LOVE this camera. It’s a Canon PowerShot Elph that I’ve used for everything over the past few years. I takes most of my blog pics, it goes with me on vacation, and I even used it to take all of the technique photos in Knitting Mochimochi. I got a more professional SLR camera earlier this year, but this point-and-shoot is still my go-to camera for most things.

13 thoughts on “New Glasses, Old Camera

  1. Nice specs! :-)

    I’ve just started using a Canon PowerShot (I’m just reviewing it so sadly I’ll have to give it back) and the photos are stunning! And it’s very easy to use. Definitely impressed.

  2. Haha they do remind me of librarian\superheroine glasses, I can honestly say those are the cutest glasses ever!!!

  3. Wow! Those are awesome! <3 I love the dark blue color- they look good with your eyes (your make up looks good too!)

  4. Ok- So I hope you guys don’t mind but I have a question:

    What is it with Kid Robot and the whole “Smorking Labbit” thing? I mean seriously- I was on there earlier and I just don’t get it.

    A lot of Kid Robot’s stuff is adorable and hilarious but other stuff I just don’t get.


  5. I love the glasses! They look FABULOUS on you. :) I agree – superheroine + librarian = gorgeous Anna!

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