Tiny Ants


(OK, so they’re really pretty giant ants….)

Experts say that when we’re not looking, certain colonies will break out into a conga line.

Aren’t ants fascinating? I’ve had ants on the brain lately, enough so that I’m thinking about reading this book.

Larka_Luna was the first person to suggest knitted ants in the comments, so she gets a free pattern!

20 thoughts on “Tiny Ants

  1. Your ants are definitely cute, but still give me the chills. I just found 5 on my kitchen floor this morning and it is the one bug that freaks me out (bad childhood ant memories)! At least you didn’t make the red fire ants ;)

  2. I agree with kelly-ann, The knitted version is cute but it doesn’t change my opinion on ants…


    Ants are EVERYWHERE at band camp! When you put your instrument down on the field we all have to check them for ants when we pick them back up again. And marching in ant piles- ohhh… not fun.

    My Mom wouldn’t be allergic to these guys thankfully!

    I’d love to march on over to these lil (well big) guys! :D cuteness

  4. huh, people really don’t like ants… but i love them! not only is that book on the top of my wish list but i even knit a couple of ants last week too! what a funny coincidence! :D

  5. these are freaking cute! … and much better than the ones popping up around the kitchen LOL

  6. love love love these ants. even though its winter here there seem to be quite a few ants lurking around in the kitchen. cute pattern though

  7. Ants are pretty fascinating, have you noticed when they’re walking they will go pick up a dead ant… thats so they can get into the carpool lane :)

  8. Funny that you made these. Only a few days ago I was surfing through old blog posts of yours and read in one of them that you wanted to knit an ant farm!! ;D

  9. Oh, I had completely forgotten about the ant farm! I so totally want to do that still… thanks for the reminder!

  10. These are so cute!

    You should make a mini MP3/iPod =]

    Mini lipstick could also be cute.


  11. Hi Anna,
    Your Mochimochi are the cutest. Can I suggest a few ideas for patterns? A tiny Llama or a tiny Rubber Ducky,(i have a friend in brooklyn who collects duckys).Or maybe a Tiny Pastrami sandwich or a Guitar. Thanks…

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