Knitting with Gloves on

Knitting fatigue is starting to set in just a bit, a month and a half into my show preparation as a full-time pursuit. Fortunately I’ve avoided any more pinkie numbness, but now my fingers are just feeling a bit fat and slow, as if I’m wearing gloves while trying to knit. Which is perfect, because now that I have all the large pieces for the installation finished, I’m tackling a very long list of pieces that range from small to smaller.

For example, the city that used to live on my desk has shrunk!


I wish I could have just applied a magical shrink ray to the buildings, but instead these guys took me the better part of a day to make.

And tiny ears of corn play a crucial part in the world I’m creating, so I just spent two days knitting a cornfield.


I’m not complaining about the time I’m putting into knitting all these tiny details—I just want to document the insanity. And it’s the small details that will make the whole thing fun to look at, so I’m excited to be working on the humorous bits and pieces right now. I am both dreading the fast approach of October 7th and also feeling like it can’t come soon enough!

20 thoughts on “Knitting with Gloves on

  1. I love seeing all these details – this is going to be amazing when it all comes together! I just wish I could come and see your installation in person.

    Don’t forget to take breaks to stretch your hands!

  2. Like little zombie children? That would be awesome! I’ve already added some other top-secret inhabitants…

  3. Oh yeah, zombie children. Although, I was more precisely thinking children of the corn, with a scythe.

  4. Everything is looking awesome! I use a wrist brace when I’m working for long stretches on something. Its a brand called Futuro and its for athletes to reduce repetitive motion fatigue but it lists on the back of the box that its great for needleworkers too.

    It just gives some extra support so your hands don’t feel horrible.

    Can’t wait to see how it all looks finished! :)

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