Knit a Rocket Cozy for Maker Faire

Here’s a fun knitting and crochet project going down at Maker Faire: fiber artist Robyn Love and Lion Brand are organizing NYC knitters to knit a huge cozy for a rocket sculpture. (I’m pretty sure the rocket is from the 1964 World’s Fair.)


You can stop by the Lion Brand Yarn Studio next Monday or Tuesday night to contribute a section, and you can also knit one up at Maker Faire.

I’ve been following Robyn’s blog for a long time now, so I was excited to read about this. I’ll be at Maker Faire too, so when I can sneak off from the library for a few minutes I’m going to check this out

One thought on “Knit a Rocket Cozy for Maker Faire

  1. That’s awesome! There was a huge knitting project of some sort at the Detroit Maker Faire, too, but I didn’t contribute. Molly and I were having too much fun checking out robots and buying wicked-cool jewelry. I can’t wait to hear about your experience – I had SO much fun when I went!

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