Tiny Doughnut


Winning caption from Laura:
“and sometimes.. people stare at me as if they can just see right through me..”

How would you sum up the life of a tiny doughnut? Leave your caption in the comments (one per person, please), and I’ll pick my fave on Monday morning. Winner gets a free PDF pattern from the Mochimochi Shop!

76 thoughts on “Tiny Doughnut

  1. The tiny doughnut’s short life is characterized by an affection for sprinkles and a paralyzing fear of hot liquids.

  2. ‘Hehe,’ thinks Tiny Doughnut. ‘I am WAY to small to for anyone to bother to eat me!’ But he does he know Tiny Cowboy is looking for a snack?

  3. Uh-oh be careful tiny doughnut! You and the tiny carrot and asparagus might want to have a nutrition battle! :)

  4. with just a pinch of this and a pinch of that, and….you have yourself the perfect last minute snack. now only if you could stop eating them….

  5. This tiny donut is calm and wise. He knows that his destiny is to be a delicious snack for a pixie policeman, and is happy knowing that the sugar rush he gives will help cut fairy crime and make the world better for ladybirds and tiny kittens.

  6. If you’re wondering why he has a permanent look of horror on his face, it’s because he was boiled to life, then iced in a ghastly pink. At least he has some sprinkles!

  7. Tiny doughnut enjoys life as a strawberry doughnut. Before this, he used to be glazed, but someone always mistook him for a cheerio! :D

  8. oops- ignore my comment, i just saw wendy posted something first about a tiny cheerio, sorry!

  9. Tiny Doughnut is anxiously anticipating the excitement of releasing potential energy passed to his consumer!

  10. Tiny doughnut wants to hang out with Tiny Lollipop and Tiny Pancakes on a snack tray! Maybe a tiny piece of cake or a tiny bowl of ice cream will come join the fun! ;)

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