Creepy Gaming, Meaty Gaming

Now that my show is up (and soon to be down, sadly!), I’ve had a little more time to do stuff with my hands other than knitting. Like gaming! I’ve finally had a chance to play Limbo, which I mentioned here a few months back. I’m really enjoying this game—it’s so beautiful and creepy! Definitely suitable for right around Halloween.


I love the spooky, lonely atmosphere of this game, whose visuals are entirely in shades of gray, with no dialog or even numbers or letters on the screen. It’s basically a puzzle game, with many unsettling twists.

Another little game that got my attention lately is Super Meat Boy, which John recently reviewed for the A.V. Club.


I haven’t played this one myself yet, but it looks like a fantastic platformer, and the art is wacky and superb. You’re a little cube of meat in this game, and that comes with fun splatting sound effects and meaty residue that you leave everywhere you land. Even as a vegetarian, I can appreciate this.

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