Say Boo!

Whoa, Halloween is this weekend, people! You may have your costume all ready, but how about your knitted treats? There’s still plenty of time to whip up a few Boos for your favorite tricksters!

I was checking out the recent Boo additions on Ravelry the other day, and realized that there are now over 500 projects listed! Here’s a small selection of some that caught my eye this time.

Sometimes the subtlest design details are the coolest. I love this striped Boo from Nettischaf:

Browny is a sweet little modest Boo from Junovela:

I love the colors and the awesome button on Tracy’s Boo:

Aranyita’s disco bats appear to be ready to get down this Halloween:

As always, Boos are better in twos, and better yet in threes—as snapper’s Boos know!

Hey, Boo is now 2 years old! I’ve been astounded by the popularity of this simple knitted toy that I designed a while back, and it delights me every time I see a new incarnation of this little guy.

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