More Pics from my Show

I took a bunch of photos of my installation the other day. Here are some highlights!









It’s pretty impossible to show all of the details here, but after the show is over I’m going to try putting together a bigger interactive feature that will include more photos and the written descriptions that are on the gallery walls.

I’ve dropped in the gallery a few times since the show opened, and I’ve been really happy to see new visitors every time! That’s largely due to a feature in The Village Voice. Here’s some more press for the show since then:

Super Cute Kawaii
pica + pixel

Most of the elements in the installation are available for purchase as separate pieces, which you can view and order via the gallery hanahou online shop. And of course it’s up through the end of the month, so come check it out if you find yourself in NYC!

44 thoughts on “More Pics from my Show

  1. There is so much to absorb. Now seeing these pics, I think I may have missed a few elements when I was there. This is a show that you should see more than once.

  2. You are amazing! I wish I had 1/2 the creativity that you do. Oh well, at least you know with people like me around your books will keep selling! :)
    I am enjoying the candy corn pattern immensely. Thanks again for sharing.

  3. wow wow wow!! so much to look at an explore! I want to live there (even if some neighborhoods look a bit dicey)! really wish I could go see it in person, but I am enjoying the pictures and descriptions in the shop!

  4. So excited for you Anna! Wish I could visit the gallery. Maybe you should plan a tour of the country!!! ;-)

    Please post more pics – you are so creative :-)

  5. Fantastic job and congrats! What was the fate of that poor unicorn vs the purple water beast?

  6. Anna everything is absolutely fantastic! so bright and colourful, very inspiring. Congratulations on a brilliant show. Helen x

  7. I keep begging my husband to take a one-day trip to NYC just to see your show. Unfortunately has the will of iron and won’t bend to my pleading. :(

  8. I have seen the show, but I missed a lot. Keep posting! What do you mean when you said it is for sale? Do you mean the real knitted thing? Or that you are selling the patterns. I would really like it if you sent me the pattern for the bulldozer, the houses, the trees, the chickens that are walking down the street, the unicorns on the rainbow, and the purple monser.

  9. I echo all other comments – your work is incredible! I wish I could see it! You should be very proud!

  10. Anna, this is spectacular! The details are sooooo creative and amazing! Thanks so much for the photos!

  11. I went on opening night and then tried to go again last week, but they were closed! With the hours of 12-6 M-F, I won’t be able to get back, but please know that I totally enjoyed it. The knitting was so well done and your creativity knows no bounds. We walked around several times to give ourselves a chance at really seeing the cleverness. Thanks!

  12. This is easily one of the most awesome examples of knitting art I’ve ever seen. you should be crazy happy proud of this!! It’s utterly amazing, and so enchanting.

  13. Wow. Oh my… Wow. I am flabbergasted. How long did it take you to make all that? I think it would take me the better part of a year to do all that in crochet. Not to mention the creativity behind all of it.

    The little unicorns and rainbow are my favorite part I think. They are just so full of cute and happy. :D

  14. Thank you all so much for your wonderful supportive words! It means a lot especially coming from other knitters, who understand the work that went into this crazy project.

  15. ABSOLUTELY OUTSTANDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (My fingers kind of cramp up looking at that thinking about all the knitting but I’m so incredibly impressed I just can’t stand it!)

  16. Please, Please try to publish the tiny patterns and the the ones for the houses and others! They’re all so adorable!! I’m dying for ones of my own…..

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