Tiny Chef will Not Make you Eggs

Thank you all for the Tiny Chef captions! It seems that many of us feel like a tiny chef sometimes.

And our winner is…


Who asked for eggs sunny side up with a side of pancakes? I may be short, but I am not a short-order cook!

by kelly-ann! That means kelly-ann gets a free PDF pattern from the Mochimochi Shop. Congrats!

And next time I’m working hard to cook up a dinner that seems like more trouble than it’s worth, I’ll try to remember that at least I’m not a tiny chef in a big kitchen.

One thought on “Tiny Chef will Not Make you Eggs

  1. So super cute (and a great reminder that I should add everything to my google reader if I am going to use it).

    I always show these to my friends and am usually met with squeals of joy!

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