Show Setup, Day 1: Train Trauma

So today was the big first day of setting up my show! It was exciting and a little traumatic.

My wonderful friends at gallery hanahou were nice enough to set up a platform for the installation, and then they helped me attach the ground layer blanket. It fit perfectly!


You can see the pieces from Stina Persson’s show, which just ended, still up on the walls. Her work is amazing, and it felt a little weird to be displaying my silly knitted stuff right next to her nuanced watercolors.

Next it was time to get the model train set up and working. And work it did not, except to go halfway around before it derailed. That was kind of devastating, since it worked at home just fine, but the softer, slightly uneven surface didn’t seem to be helping. I was freaking a bit, but John was cool-headed about the whole thing and spent several hours making different adjustments until it was working pretty much perfectly. So he definitely earned his “World’s Best Husband” mug today.


While John was working on the train, I got started on the stitching things to that big blanket.


I have to say, in a larger room with white walls, the whole thing looked much smaller overall to me, and I was definitely thinking, “is this all I did with most of the first half of 2010?” But I guess I just have to concentrate on the details—no sense in second-guessing anything at this point.

Tomorrow will be all about assembly, and not at all about trains!

12 thoughts on “Show Setup, Day 1: Train Trauma

  1. The show is opening this Thursday (Oct 7), and then it will be on exhibit through October 29th at gallery hanahou in NYC – Hope you can make it!

  2. This is going to be so awesome! Hopefully I can make it to the gallery to check it out before it closes. *crosses fingers*

  3. I just cam across your work recently. It is amazing! Little creatures skiing down a mountain?! I can’t wait to see it all set up.

  4. I can feel the same way with my knitting — but just think about how much time it takes to make each piece! You’ve done an amazing job!

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