Show Setup Day 2: The Big Stitch

Two more days until my show opens! That means that the knitting part is basically over (a relief), and I’m up to my knees in stitching things together. To save time at setup, I came with many larger pieces of the installation already assembled, but now it’s time to attach all of those to the ground and sew on all the extra little bits that will hopefully make the whole thing interesting.

I started with the river—here it is halfway stitched on.


The difficult part about the assembly isn’t so much all the stitching, but it’s the leaning way out over the table to sew on the stuff in the middle. All this back-bending backstitch isn’t my favorite thing, but I’m sure I can endure a couple of more days of it.

Tomorrow will bring more stitching, and then something needs to go on those white gallery walls too…

9 thoughts on “Show Setup Day 2: The Big Stitch

  1. what a build-up. the detail in your ribbed river! the two-tone grass! each new photo adds to the excitement. it’ll never be the same as actually being there myself, but exciting none the less.

  2. It’s all looking fantastic! I love that you’ve shared so much ‘behind the scenes’ stuff along the way as well; just makes the finished work even more beautiful, being able to appreciate all the effort that went into it. You’re just awesome Anna, well done!
    I won’t get to see it in person, but looking forward to the photos!

  3. It is looking so cool already! Hopefully you’ll post lots of pictures of the final installation for those of us too far away to see it in person.

  4. I hope I see the show. It is only about 4 hours away for me. I am getting so exited! I cannot wait to see it. I have one question about it, are you going to be there every day, or just on the first day? I can’t make on the first day, which is to bad.

  5. I’m usually at the gallery only on Tuesday afternoons. I hope you can make it! But I’ll be posting plenty of photos from it on my blog too.

  6. Ohhhh I cannot wait for the photos to roll in- Anna this looks so AMAZING! super excited for you! :D

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