Super Happy Pumpkin Mail

I got the most fun mail the other day! Madeline shares my passion for knitted tiny stuff, and she was sweet enough to send me a tiny knitted pumpkin of her own design.


I love it!

The inspiration for the pumpkin came from Madeline’s workplace—she manages the store housed in the giant pumpkin that you see in the photos.

Madeline referred to her package as “fan mail,” so I guess this is my first-ever fan mail—thrilling! Thank you, Madeline!

5 thoughts on “Super Happy Pumpkin Mail

  1. That pumpkin is super cute. I’m glad that you are getting fan mail and wish I had thought of it!

    (And I cannot imagine working in a giant pumpkin building.)

  2. Wow, what a fun place to work! And such a sweet little gift! I am hoping to get to see your trunk show tomorrow, and to see your Mochi Mochi Land exhibit before you have to take it down. The photos you have posted are so impressive, it must be wonderful to see in person!

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