Tiny Bat


Tiny Bat says Happy Halloween! He actually says that every weekend, not understanding that Halloween is only a once a year thing. (Tiny bats aren’t known for their intelligence.)

No caption contest this week, but let’s resume next week!

17 thoughts on “Tiny Bat

  1. he is soooooooooooooooooo adorable.

    I’ve been waiting for payday so I can snag a few patterns, like the bigger bats! oh my son would adore that

    but NOW I need a TINY BAT!

    thanks for the smiles!

  2. I bought the large bat pattern for my mom, who has made a very feminine pastel bat with pink wings and a little fuzzy grey bat, but I agree with the other people, we would LOVE teeny tiny bats, this guy is so cute – please put him in the next tiny collection!

  3. Adorable! It was such a pleasure meeting you at the Trunk Show on Saturday. Mochi Mochi Land is even more impressive in person than I imagined! Congratulations on a wonderful show…

  4. That is too cute! Have you ever thought of doin something like a tiny spoon or tiny fork? That would be very cute!

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