Coming Home to Loops

I was so happy to be at Loops in Tulsa on Thursday evening! Owner Shelley invited me to give a talk about Knitting Mochimochi—we had a great turnout, and this was a very special event because my family and hometown friends could be there too.


I was joined by Brandi Simons, the local photographer who was responsible for all the beautiful photos in the book. It was so much fun to reminisce about our shoots from the spring of last year. Together we talked about our most difficult shoot (for the Cuter Polluters, involving locating the perfect oil drum and then dealing with a windy day and allergies) and how we involved many of our families and friends for the different images.


(By the way, these great photos were taken by Brandi’s husband Mike Simons. They are quite the power-photojournalist couple.)

One fabulous touch that Shelley dreamed up was these fantastic Feet Eater cupcakes! They were custom ordered from Merritt’s in Tulsa.


Amazingly, those weren’t the only Mochimochi-themed desserts of my weekend in Tulsa. My friends Brianna and Michelle baked these awesome cookies for a party the following night!


It was a very nice trip home. Thank you to everyone who made it so special!

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