Tiny Football

It’s about time a piece of sporting equipment was represented in tiny knitted form, don’t you think?


What does this tiny football contemplate when he’s just been kicked in the mud?

Winning caption by Raydra:
I really hope that cute pom pom didn’t see that.

Leave your caption in the comments, and the best one will win a free PDF pattern from the Mochimochi Shop on Monday!

52 thoughts on “Tiny Football

  1. to be in the mud, or not to be in the mud: that is the question: whether ’tis nobler…oh there I go, wheeee!

  2. Help, i’m all muddy! i don’t know which way i’m supposed to go! oh no, here they come again!

  3. Tiny football used to be red, but since they chose him for the training during the storm he’s never been the same.

  4. “If I only had tiny hands and a tiny shovel I could dig a hole in the mud and hide myself for the rest of the football season…”

  5. They told me that part of the perks of the job was traveling great distances. I just didn’t expect to get a kick out of it every time!

  6. So that mud bath didn’t exactly relax my muscles or soothe my aches… i deserve a *real* one now!

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