Honorable Mentions ’10, Round One

Thank you all again for your fantastic photos in this year’s Mochimochi Photo Contest! I couldn’t help thinking that this year’s batch of entries (more than 500 of them!) were the best ever, but that would probably sound corny, so I won’t bother.

John and I just spent hours going through all of the photos, and after much deliberation, we managed to selected 20 photos to be our semifinalists. We’ll be announcing those soon, and you will get a chance to root for your favorites before the big final vote.

But first! There were so many other great entries that we have two batches of honorable mentions that we want to acknowledge for their cuteness and cleverness. We hereby honorably mention these first ten photos, in no particular order:

Squirrel & beetle by giolou


This Squirrel on Wheels seems to have found a role model. Let’s hope he doesn’t fall off on a sharp turn!

silly pencil! by estars 100


This Petit Pencil thinks he’s a real master of disguise.

Floating Woodins by Irina Yuzhina


It’s a little-known fact that Woodins win every four years in the synchronized floating competition in Mochimochi Land.

Trick or treat!!!!! by fullerenedream


Rainycloud and friends dress up like a family of spooky ghosts for Halloween. Love the holes cut for all those eyes!

Hugs and Squoze in the wild by John and Caroline Wise


If Hugs and Squoze got lost in the wilderness, at least they’ll be sure to keep warm!

Tiny Pancakes meet their match by cupcakefields


This yummy stack’s best defense mechanism is a bunch of beady little eyes! But those may not save them this time…

Tropical Tiny Perching Pigeon by Margaritas8


This exotic bird says hands off her fruit!

Arsenal slither victory over slippery competition! by ottersaregreat


I’d hate to be the guy who has to clean the field after this slimy match. (Love the attention to detail!)

Loitering with intent (3) while admiring the view by mrsdoepper


Even city pigeons can pause to appreciate the beauty of nature. (Although they’re probably also conspiring to poop on someone’s head.)

Snowmen Ornaments by yarngirl69


These snowmen have been ready for Christmas since October, so they’re beginning to feel a little light-heading from all that hanging!

Congratulations to all of these clever knitters! We’ll have the second batch of honorable mentions coming up shortly.

6 thoughts on “Honorable Mentions ’10, Round One

  1. I have not even started to work on my Christmas gifts! Yikes! Those snowmen reminded me of that. I like the first one and and the 5th one. I did not get around to putting a photo up. Now, I wish I had!

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