Honorable Mentions ’10, Round Two

Here are 10 more photos from the Mochimochi Photo Contest that are very deserving of shout-outs for their awesomeness! In no particular order:

Morty in the garden by Dknits


Morty and friends are picture-perfect!

Hippos like to read hippo books by kountingsheep


It’s so cute how engrossed this hippo is in his book about hippos. And this book somehow seems appropriate for the reading level of most hippos.

“Welcome” Snails by tamarafarmgirl


This gnome is mighty proud of his snail ranch. The red snail is a rare breed!

SewerGators by flyingsealpress


Neat composition in this photo of what might be some people’s nightmare. (But they look pretty friendly!)

Cooler bath… by lulubelleknits


A presumptuous snowman has made himself at home with an ice bath in Tubby. That’s a miffed bathtub if I’ve ever seen one!

Reddy the Pigeon by gardienne33


A lovely perching pigeon photo, and the detail on the feet is a nice touch!

Might not be mutual by taffyyarn


Hugs here is quite sure that the “might not be mutual” title refers to the fact that Blythe doesn’t share his love for the Country Music Network, and it certainly doesn’t have anything to do with the fact that they both like to hug a lot.

I Hate to Housekeep by undermost_salamander


And you thought you didn’t enjoy vacuuming—at least you’re not a vacuum yourself!

Packaged candy corn by Paula knits


I’d certainly pick “trick” over “treat” if this was one of the options.

Pigeons on birdcage by Tobysmum


These guys seem pretty pleased to be on this side of the bars.

Congratulations to these knitters on some great photos!

Tomorrow we’ll post the first batch of semifinalists, and we’ll ask you to tell us who should go on to the finals. Be sure to check back for it!

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  1. I love the snowman settling into tubby – such a cute idea and he looks so relaxed…

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