Semifinalists ’10, Round One

Here they are, our first 10 semifinalist photos in the Mochimochi Photo Contest! We’re presenting these to you in no particular order, and we need your help narrowing them down to the finalists. Don’t be shy—root for your favorites in the comments!

Never let yarn zombies near your knitted candy by eggandmuffins


Best yarn guts we’ve seen in a long time.

Garden room by missdollymix


This slug’s favorite show is All My Snails. TV Guy says he’s never heard of it.

Tums + Tubby by anilrac


A hilarious pattern combo!

Nuclear Bed Bugs by DutchMoeder


This photo is so convincing that I’m feeling a little worried about that cute kid..

Snow bowling by Paula Knits


These snowmen are feeling pretty exploited, and they’re going to form a union right after this game is finished.

Rain Dance by cupcakefields


So much to see in this busy scene! (Check out the whole series too.)

Bat in flight by Eskimimi


Beautiful effect!

Earl the Squirrel and Wally by cori.buchholz


Earl isn’t sure if he’s on board with this new fad in squirrel mobility…

Springing for an upgrade by mariannes_stuff


This is quite a tech-savvy frog (and knitter!)

Neck Nuzzler on Dignified Dog by Bitter-Sweet-


Love the use of the brightly patterned couch, and that is one gorgeous model!

These are all so amazing! But we must narrow them down, so which do you LOVE and want to see in the finals? Speak up in the comments, and we’ll use your feedback to determine the finalists.

The second batch of semifinalists is coming up tomorrow, so be sure to check back!

353 thoughts on “Semifinalists ’10, Round One

  1. I love the bat in flight. The bat is one of all time favorites but my vote goes to the Garden Room.

  2. I love it! Almost all the ones you picked are ones I faved when going through the pics in the Flickr Set!

  3. Garden Room I love! And Springing for an Upgrade. Everyone did a great job on their cute pictures.

  4. I absolutely LOVE Earl the Squirrel and Wally! Way to bridge the gap between the fantasy of the craft world and reality!

  5. These are all really great, but I think my favorites in this batch are “Rain Dance,” “Garden Room,” “Tums and Tubby, and the “Nuclear Bed Bugs,” and… I think this is going to be a tough competition!

  6. Love the Rain Dance!! Very Clever. Especially love the gnome on the right side of the log holding a leaf over his head :) So much detail! the others are all great also, but definitely this is my favorite. Good luck to all!

  7. BitterSweet should have won with stackable cats years ago, but this time she has outdone herself with the beautiful knitting AND photography!

  8. Hard to choose! My faves are the squirrel, the springing frog, raindance, and snow bowling.

  9. My little puppy is just beaming with pride right now, if only you could see her! Of course, she would like to vote for herself, but I also really like the garden room.

  10. Rain Dance! i love how its an on going story , theres a little something going on everywhere! very creative =)

  11. Rain Dance by cupcakefields . What an awesome peace !!!! I vote for her she is a true Artist :O)

  12. Tums + Tubby. Garden Room. Springing for an upgrade. That’s as narrow as I can get! What great choices.

  13. I could never decide, there are SO MANY awesome entries!! I don’t envy the decision at all. These are all awesome and incredible.

  14. Rain Dance and Tums + Tubby are my favorites! I like my Springing for an Upgrade too, haha! thanks for choosing it!

  15. Well this is tough. I love the garden room and Tums and tubby but also appreciate the effort that went into the raincloud scene. Glad I’m not making the final decision.

  16. I love the nuclear bedbugs, but I also like the snowmen. The look on the face of the one on the right, just behind the front guy is so worried.

  17. I am loving both the Never let yarn zombies near your knitted candy by eggandmuffins & the Nuclear Bed Bugs by DutchMoeder.

  18. Gotta vote for Nuclear Bed Bugs!
    Ya KNOW it’s cute when even my fiance gives it an “awwwwww!” (and a “that’s awesome!” too, heehee)

  19. My vote goes to Rain Dance. Major props to all the knitters with fantastic photos and of course, Anna, for creating such cute little patterns.

  20. All are great!!!!
    #1: Springing for an upgrade
    #2: Nuclear Bed Bugs
    #3: The dog! The dog! The dog!

  21. I vote rain dance! There is sooo much going on in the piece. I have never seen such an artistic project before! Way to incorporate more than one dimension of creativity in the picture!!

  22. I found Rain Dance to be the most memorable from pictures above. I love that photograph tells a story. There was clearly a lot of work put into this. Good Luck!

  23. The saying a picture is a thousand words really applies to Rain Dance. I vote for Rain Dance, well done, a story in a picture!

  24. I like Neck Nuzzler on Dignified Dog – the dog’s expression is just priceless. I also like Earl the Squirrel and Wally – the way he’s checking out the mini skates.

  25. Looking at “rain dance”, I defiantly see a lot of work put into it and a new level of creativity; it really tells a story.

  26. RAINDANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    so original so creative.

  27. I loved every single one of these pictures!! But my heart is leaning the most towards RAINDANCE!!! So much thought was put into the picture, from the set up to the different gnomes. Therefore, my vote goes to Raindance :)

  28. these are beautiful, so many talented and creative knitters. My vote goes to raindance by cupcakefields, the scene is so complete, cute and well done.

  29. These are incredible! All these crafters should be proud!!!

    My vote goes to “Earl the Squirrel and Wally,” because it combines a real animal with its crafted counterpart.

  30. I can’t help but notice all the gnomes in Raindance. WOW DEFINITELY RAINDANCE! So much detail, how could you pass that up? lol

  31. I’m delighted to be in such fine company and think every picture is great. However, I’m a total sucker for anything that glows in the dark, so I gotta go with the bedbugs.

  32. Heyy soo I dont see many things like Ive seen before. I really like some other ones,

    But the one that really strikes my attention is Raindance, forreal homeboy. There is soo much going on it is ridiculous! That much awesome shouldnt even be legal!

  33. rain dance by cupcakefileds is great, you did a great job, no dout you should be the winner.

  34. hands down RAIN DANCE is the best one! so much detail and the cute little gnome on the side trying to climb up the mushroom.

  35. I’d like to vote for Bat in flight by Eskimimi as well, that’s a great photo. Garden room by missdollymix would be my second choice.

  36. These are amazing and all deserve votes… but Bat in flight by Eskimimi wins it for me!

    Nice one everyone involved!

  37. They are all wonderful, but if I have to pick a few it’d be nuclear bed bugs, Earl the Squirrel, Rain Dance, and springing for an upgrade.

  38. Doing a raindance for the RAINDANCE!!!!! Especially love the clouds and rain and the gnomes running all over the place. ;) way too cute!!

  39. Nuclear Bed Bugs are the best – firstly because of idea, secondly – because of sleeping nice little girl!!!

  40. Tums and Tubby is my fave for pattern.
    Springing for an upgrade is a great photo: dymanic layout, clever use of technology, nice depiction of the pattern and it’s reflection in the iPod Touch. Really well done.

  41. rain dance rocks! I love the whole scene and how you can see the gnomes in action. The intricate details cupcakefields put into the rain dance is amazing!

  42. Wow, all the pictures are so awesome! :D I really like the zombies and the knit candy, but on the baseline i’m torn between Rain Dance and Garden Room. I love the setup of Garden Room, it’s a great scene, and Rain Dance is a great and original idea.

    So… my vote goes to Rain Dance! I like the curious, wondrous feeling I get from it.

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