Semifinalists ’10, Round Two

Thank you for supporting your favorite photos from the first round of semifinals (it’s not too late to put in your 2 cents in the comments!)—let’s keep it going with our second batch of super semifinalists! In no particular order:

Dust Bunnies run away! by kyoti


“No loss of suction” never looked so scary!

Bats hiding in maps by WyoLibrarian


Can’t decide which I like better, the photo or the rhyming concept. Both!

om-nom-nomination by mariannes_stuff


A little stop-motion magic goes a long way to explaining where the remote keeps disappearing to.

Tiny Cheeseburger on grill by vapmore


Perfect for those of us on a yarn diet!

Tiny Frog cools off by Bitter-Sweet-


Admit it, you wouldn’t mind sharing your drink with this cutie.

An Evening with Harold & Betty by onna stick

I don’t know about you, but I’d spend an evening with Harold and Betty anytime. So much knitted fun!

O’Feathers meets with the enemy by Deadly Knitshade


That’s a pretty sinister look in the cat’s eyes, but he’s probably just giving the pretty pigeon a good sniff…right?

Evil Bean! by GathGreine


If this Human Bean’s plot to take over the world works, soon we’ll all be knitting drones for the Evil Bean Empire!

Squirrel RS by Luluriel

A highly customized Squirrel on Wheels for a customized car! (I wonder if they’re embarrassed to show up at parties with the same customization…)

Chaos of Snowmen by flightsofyarn


So much is going on in this Snowman colony!

Congratulations to all of our semifinalists for their amazing Mochimochi knits and clever photos! So which of these ten photos would you like to see in the final round? Take a break from thawing that turkey, and root for your favorites in the comments!

The final anonymous voting will happen next week, so be sure to return for it!

And Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

158 thoughts on “Semifinalists ’10, Round Two

  1. I like those snowmen at the end. I also like the one with the cat biting a bird and the one with Harold and Betty, because it has so much knitted stuff in it.

  2. Snowmen for me please. They’re hilarious and I love the individual stories they all are telling from their little ice-cubicles.

  3. Again, these are all great! In this group, I have to vote for “Chaos of Snowmen,” “An Evening with Harold and Betty” and “Om-nom.”

  4. I just looked around, and I thought that you should knit a tiny ball of yarn, a tiny basket, a tiny cupcake,
    and a tiny pie. They would be cute!

  5. Oh man. This set is even harder than the last! Although I really liked at least 2 others, I think I have to go with

    An Evening with Harold & Betty by onna stick

    for appropriateness of the subject

  6. Chaos of Snowmen FTW! Absolutely adorable – especially the winking and worried ones on the top left. (Looks like there’s some delicious gelato beneath them too!)

  7. I am gonna have to jump on the snowman band wagon here. The expressions on their little faces, I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

  8. absolutely love all the expressions in Chaos of Snowmen! poor little melted guy and his worried friends — awww

  9. O’Feathers meets… Pets are particularly difficult, or should I say, CATS! I love the look of O’Feathers eyes too. (Sorry, I didn’t mean to vote twice in Round one… #279/#280)

  10. As in the first round, I like them all. The cat and the bird is my favorite. Or maybe the snowmen.

  11. I love the tiny hamburger, and the tiny frog, and most of all, the tiny snowmen – especially the two worrying over their little gold-scarfed friend’s empty CUBE-icle. :)

  12. LOVING the snowmen in the ice tray, that is very original! and the melted one made me laugh out loud~!

  13. so many great photos! Harold and Betty and Bats in Maps are my favorite. I’ll vote for my remote-eating couch, too, even though it ate my remote. :\

  14. I like the two snowman crushing on the pink one and the yellow one is jealous. Chaos of Snowmen has my vote.

  15. I love the teeny-tiny cheeseburger – can I get it in medium rare! What amazing creations…

  16. Gotta go with the cheeseburger, but I’d like that with Bacon and cheddar, no sauce, lettuce or tomatoes please!

  17. I love the snowmen! It’s such a great story and so many interesting expressions. I also like Harold and Betty, especially with the yarn basket spilling over.

  18. Yay! Evil Bean made it ; ) I vote for, Chaos of Snowmen, I can’t get over how expressive they all are!! I love it!! But I also love O’Feathers Meets With The Enemy. XD

  19. Yay! My cat and O’Feathers are in the semi-finals.

    My vote goes to the snowmen too. They’re beating the pants off my cat in the votes so far. That’s because they’re awesome. :)

  20. An Evening with Harold and Betty. I love the tiny zombie stealing the yarn. I’ve often suspected something comes to hide my yarn when I’m busy watching TV.

  21. Whoa. I’m really split between the dust bunnies and the bats hiding in maps. Both are so cute and adorable! I’m voting for the bats – let that be a lesson to people vacuuming their dust bunnies. XD

  22. They are all so good! The snowmen in the ice tray captured my attention the longest, so I guess that’s my pick! Loved all the drama and backstory in just one still shot.

  23. Harold & Betty and Squirrel RS don’t show up on my computer – just the links do :(

    But I like O’Feathers – the kitty’s expression, the bird’s feet, it just makes me giggle ^_^

  24. I love the Tiny Cheeseburger on the grill! It’s adorable! And it reminds me of that Wendy’s commercial with the tiny burger, fries and soda :)

  25. Chaos of Snowmen all the way!!!
    They’re soooo cool, love how much is going on in the photo, I may have to re-create some of those myself :)

  26. wow, i love lots of the photos in round 2! i vote for chaos of snowman (genius!), dust bunnies run away, evil bean and squirrel RS.

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