Just Making Friends

I’ve just started going through all the photos in this year’s contest, and I have to say, there are loads of great ones this year! There is definitely a fun sub-category of photos that feature cute pets along with knitted creatures, so I thought I’d share one of my own.


Soupy is always ready to help with my knitting projects. When I was working on my installation this summer, I often had to shut him and his brother Nipsey out of the room, because I was basically building a wonderland of cat toys that they weren’t supposed to touch. It must have been torture for them, and they let me know it by banging on the door incessantly until I got my work done and put everything back in plastic bags. I love how innocent Soupy looks in this picture, as if he isn’t thinking about pouncing on his new train friend as soon as my back is turned.

14 thoughts on “Just Making Friends

  1. “because I was basically building a wonderland of cat toys”….

    don’t I know it!

    I lose knitted things all the time, or she just attacts my wool.

    crazy cats!


  2. I don’t know….that doesn’t look to me like the “innocent look” He’s definately plotting!

  3. Yarn + Cats = Trouble
    Soupy has the “Who, me?” expression of a cat about to cause havoc. I love the photos of your cats as much as the knitting.

  4. Oh yes, Soupy is planning to rule your little knitted world as soon as you turn your back! He will be CAT KING!

  5. I think he looks mortified, actually. Like he’s afraid you’re going to show all his kitty friends the picture of him playing nicely with the pretty knitty ^_^

  6. HA! That’s the same expression my cat had right before he drank my milk and tried to jump in my cereal bowl…. Beware is all I can say.

  7. this morning, our kitten molly woke me up by thrusting her nose into my chin over and over like she couldn’t snuggle close enough. awww… it’s hard to be mad when they’re so cute, even if they steal our yarn!

    i ADORE your cats’ names – i just think they’re awesome!

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