Mochis in TV Japan Ad

Just before my show opening last month, I was fortuitously connected with a producer for TV Japan, which is a Japanese-language network available in the US and Canada. She was making a commercial promoting the upcoming season of programming from Japan, and was looking for some cute models to create a fun city scene to intersperse between the show clips. It just so happened that I had recently created an entire knitted world for my show, so she borrowed almost the entire installation for the commercial!

Because the ad includes clips of shows that I don’t have rights to use, I unfortunately can’t show the finished product here (it aired in mid to late October on TV Japan), but the producer sent me some photos from the shoot!


They did a live-action shoot of the little world, using something (wire or magnets, I think) to make toy cars move around. Aside from the cars, they also incorporated characters that the producer handmade herself.


I wish I could have been there just to see how it was all done!


It was very cool to have my toys involved in a commercial project, and I would love to do more things like this in the future.

18 thoughts on “Mochis in TV Japan Ad

  1. Huge congratulations Anna, this is a massive achievement and I completely wholeheartedly agree on you doing more things like this in the future :)
    Helen x

  2. Wow! I wish your knitted city was open to yarn-loving tourists :) You’ve created a fanciful & beautiful world, even before TV Japan rolled their animated cameras. Congratulations :))

  3. That is totally incredible! Congratulations on the feature in TV Japan. I love the idea of a knitted world. I especially like the snowmen clustered at the top of the mountains, and the shyscrapers. Great!

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