Tiny Walrus


Tiny Walrus wishes everyone a happy new year! His resolution is to put on some extra walrus weight. What’s yours?

16 thoughts on “Tiny Walrus

  1. mine is to finally master double pointed needles and to finish about 16 sculptures

    maybe he could adopt a tiny platapus or tiny rhino?

  2. Mine is to get my health back on track…2010 was a bad year for me health wise. Hoping to start dialysis which should help with the swelling and the lack of energy. Of course I still plan on keeping knitting and crocheting in the New Year.

    As for the Walrus he really could use some dolphin friends, some shark friends and a few polar bear friends.


  3. My New Year’s Resolution is to finish all of the knitting projects I’ve left unfinished, and to give the frogged ones another go : ) Happy New Year!

  4. he needs that extra blubber to stay warm during the next snow storm! :)

    one of my knitting goals is to knit at least one mochimochi pattern! happy new year!

  5. too cute. it reminds me of the walrus and the turtle story in the Alice in wonderland stories.

    2010 was good, but I think I want to make 2011 better by losing the rest of the baby weight, knit everything I can think of, rework my portfolio, and get real baking equipment to start baking on a regular basis in this current time period and not like it’s the 1400’s.

  6. Mine is probably just like Jess D.’s. I have thousands of projects going, and I need to finish them.

  7. Hey! I just thought of something! Maybe, to get started with the New year you could post a free pattern for the walrus, or possibly something else… Cut!…

  8. He is so precious! I have deemed 2011 as the year of colour work. My first project is to finish knitting a pair of Highland dance argyle socks, in double knit lace weight. Then I’ll treat myself to a fun knit from knitting Mochi Mochi book I got for Christmas! :D

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