Mochimochi Installation at Vogue Knitting Live

Great news! I will be exhibiting an installation at Vogue Knitting Live in NYC later this month.


The installation will be comprised of a big chunk of my 2010 show at gallery hanahou, but a bit reconfigured and with a few new surprises. I’m excited to have this opportunity to share this crazy knitted world with a crowd exclusively made up of knitters.


You’ll be able to find me along with some other exciting fiber artists (including Hannah Haworth and Ben Cuevas) in the gallery area of VK Live, which will be located in the Americas Hall II on the 4th Floor of the the New York Hilton.

I’ll also be doing a book signing at the Knitty City booth on Sunday, January 23rd, at 1 pm.

Hope to see some of you there!

6 thoughts on “Mochimochi Installation at Vogue Knitting Live

  1. Awesome! That is so exciting! Too bad I won’t be attending. I was not organized enough to buy tickets for classes when I first found out about the event. I wasn’t sure if I would be around and buying tickets 6 months ahead felt weird. I hope you take lots of pictures to share.

  2. That is so cool. I hope I can make it. What I am wondering is what are all the little surprises! Congratulations Anna!

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