Cat Glamour Shots

My sister-in-law Jenna is the sweetest—as a Chrismas present to her brother (and also to me by default), she took some gorgeous photos of Soupy and Nipsey. We had a difficult time narrowing them down, so we will soon look like weirdos with a wall full of cat photos in an otherwise photo-less apartment. Here are some of my favorites.






(You gotta love a man-with-a-miffed-cat shot.)

As you can probably tell (and as I’ve mentioned here recently), Jenna is a professional photographer. Can you believe this was her first time photographing cats? We’re going to treasure these forever.

12 thoughts on “Cat Glamour Shots

  1. great photos! I doubt it’ll be that weird to fill your walls with pics like that. maybe the cats will think they have new roommates :)

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