Tiny Nun


Winning caption by Karen:
I am 16mm going on 17 mm…

A Tiny Nun occurred to me this week because I realized that I didn’t have a tiny something that started with an N yet. (Nearly all of the letters in the alphabet are covered now!)

How about a caption contest for this little sister? I’m curious to see how many people can refrain from using a “habit” pun… Our favorite caption writer (one per person please) will get a free PDF pattern from the Mochimochi Shop on Monday!

61 thoughts on “Tiny Nun

  1. the hills are alive with the sound of neeeeddddllleeees.

    Yes. The Sound of Music people.

  2. Emily (#5) Totally nailed it. I laughed my butt off! lol Say hello to my little ruller! lol :)

  3. The needles are alive with the sound of clicking, With sweaters they have knit, For
    a thousand years

  4. Inspired by Mother Theresa, I intend to spend my life ministering to the acrylics, polyesters and other outcasts of the crafting world…

  5. The vows of chastity and charity are easy, but poverty… how I am going to buy yarn?

  6. Your habit should be knitting and praying. Knitting for all the chldren who are needy. From your favorite Nunted.(knitted Nun)

  7. The tiny nun does not ‘knit’pick–she shares her ‘purls’ of wisdom with all she meets.

  8. Tiny sister loves to knit and purl some tiny nunsense when she gets together with her “sister act” knitting group.

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