Giant Ball of Yarn!

Update: Thanks to CRAFT for the link!

Soupy told me about a dream he had the other day…


No, this is not a camera trick. But it’s also not completely made of yarn. It’s going to be part of my new show in Berlin! This big ball of yarn will become a kind of sun at the center of a fiber solar system, and it’s going to be knitting an asteroid belt out of itself… Anyway, it’s going to be cute.

The show will be part of the Character Walk of exhibitions in the Pictoplasma Festival, which is happening April 6-9 in Berlin. And I get to go to Berlin for the first time! Unfortunately, Soupy has an important business meeting and can’t come.

But I think I know what he’ll be dreaming about for a while.


Many thanks to Lion Brand for the yarn! I’ll post more updates and info as the show gets closer.

20 thoughts on “Giant Ball of Yarn!

  1. sorry anna but GET IT SOUPY! lol, id love to see a kitty play with a yarn ball that big. i cant wait to see how this turns out.

  2. The form is a large hollow styrofoam ball. Covering it took about 2 hours of careful glueing and tedious wrapping. In the end, I had to fill in some of the little white spaces by attaching individual pieces of yarn and tucking them under the wraps. It was intense!

  3. LOL! this is so funny oh please will you tell me the whole story oh please oh please will you tell me the whole dream and maybe let Soupy help you tell the dream!

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