Coos and Coys for Girls and Boys

Since moving to New York a few years back, I’ve enjoyed Valentines Day more. Seeing many of the normally stoic subway commuters carrying around goofy stuffed animals and bunches of flowers for a day is kind of touching. I’m hoping that a few people out there somewhere will be carrying a pair of knitted lovebirds today too!

Here are some coo-able Coos and Coys made by my awesome pattern testers, most of whom used a surprisingly similar color palate…





Thank you to Kari, Jennifer, Marilyn, and Marti for the test! There are also other Coos and Coys with neat variations on Ravelry.

And if you need a last-minute Valentine, remember that you can download free Coo and Coy ones here.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


2 thoughts on “Coos and Coys for Girls and Boys

  1. If New Yorkers had a favorite wardrobe color, it would be black. I love the idea of a sweet knitted lovebird (or two) peeking out of a pocket in a sea of black and grey.

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